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Tiger 900 deliveries?

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Originally Posted by FROGY46 />
This Frenchman is lucky???
A nice share of the new-bike excitement. Enjoy  :152:

Originally Posted by rainbow-walker So does that mean we still get a low 1st gear, and they are more spaced out ?

More spaced out - yes. 1st gear is the same ratio as the gen 3 800 (lower than gen 1 & 2). 2nd and 3rd are also the same, 4th is almost identical, it steepens with 5th and 6th.

Originally Posted by FROGY46 />
This Frenchman is lucky???
What footpegs are those fitted. I find the standard ones very narrow so would be interested if there’s a straight swap. Possibly the ones from the explorer. ?

Originally Posted by Lesterp Ordered my GT on 4th March and I got it last Tuesday (19th May) By using the web chat on the Triumph UK site, I found out that my bike was at Hinckley just waiting to be delivered to dealership. Contacted Dealership and ‘pushed’ them along a little to get it to me.
Fantastic bike, can’t wait to get it run in properly and really see what it can do!

Hi Lesterp, I can't find the link to chat on Triumphs website, where did you find it ?  My dealer seem to have 'lost' my bike, and I can't really get a sensible answer from them so would like to chase.


Iirc, I was on the main Triumph UK site https://www.triumphmotorcycles.co.uk/ and a pop up chat box came up bottom right. It could be that the online chat is only available during normal working hours?


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