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Unicorn Pants Sought

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Hi all, looking for some new riding trousers that sort of do everything  :001:
I currently have a couple of pairs of Alpinestars leathers and Klim Overland pants

I like leathers, they usually fit me well and are comfortable all day, they don't fare too well in rain or extreme heat though.
I like textiles, they're waterproof, and can be vented well, they never seem to fit me well though and often ride up and never feel that comfortable

Is there anything in between that are a good compromise for all day riding? I can live with getting a little wet or a little warm

As i said, unicorn pants  :038: but you never know, I may have missed something?

I'm pretty sure there aren't any motorcycle pants out there that cater for a 'horn' poking out.  :164: :008:

With your list of requirements, I would try "Rubber Monthly" magazine.
Lots to choose from there.
So I'm told!

Ahh... the puerility that lockdown causes  :001:  :028:

In case you haven't seen these (from the 'colonies')?:


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