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Tiger XRX front brake feel

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Due to covid and not riding much, last week was the first time out for a bit and it reminded that the front brakes seem poor, mines a 16 plate with 8k on it and serviced at 6k by main dealer last May so not expecting any major issues but I tend to ride with only one or two fingers on the front brake (comes from trials riding) and find that it just doesn't slow as much as I'd like when doing so, i really need  a good pull on the elver with all 4 fingers to slow it down. My old 11 plate tiger was the same I recall, always felt a bit under braked.
Is there another master cylinder that would improve it? Street triple or something like that? Different pads? Or do I just put up with it?

Search is your friend.
As an initial thought try tying back your lever over night and see the difference in the morning

Four year old bike. First thing I would do would be a brake fluid change (both front and rear).

Originally Posted by hoggyf ...front brakes seem poor
Different pads?
Or do I just put up with it?There are different brake pad compositions that have different rates of effectiveness -- you may find pads more suitable to your needs?
Brake pads both wear & age: simple caliper designs sometimes allow pads to wear tapered and pad compounds/formulations gas-off lighter-end of their composition - usually getting harder / less effective.
But, probably not good to "just put up with it"?
Everyone needs brakes that they know and trust -- your life may depend on it.

Also have the caliper pistons -(rubber seals - gaskets) ever been cleaned ???  :084:
 in my other bike, i did a maintenance with new rubber seals, fluid, and piston cleaning, and the difference was noticeable !!!!


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