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Tiger XRX front brake feel

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Well I got back on a Tiger for the first time in about two years today, the front brake is just how I remember it, wooden  :001:

Hi- Cant remember the name of it, something like brake caliper tool but I bought a tool on Ebay which is likie a sort of reverse pliers which ratchet and grip the internals of the brake pistons - this enables you to turn them and clean the outside surface - pop some copper grease on there afterwards and you should have a smooth acting piston.
I also thought the fr brakes werent that great when I bought my 2016 XRX last year and changed pads to EBC HH - big improvement so changed the rears too.

The commended lubricant for the caliper pistons and seals is brake fluid.


Don't use copper slip or other anti-seize copper on the pistons. Will feck the seals up. Wash the pistons as part of your cleaning, pump out a little further than the actual usage section and ensure clean, then push back with a light smear of red rubber grease which will lubricate the 1st seal. Other greases will cause the seal to swell allowing crap past it to your fluid seal behind it.

+1 on KildareMan.

The only other thing I did was to use 90deg angled circlip pliers, placed a few pieces of chunky rubber inside the piston and used the pliers to gently rotate the pistons.
As well as cleaning and rubber grease... etc

Was REALLY surprised how hard it was to rotate the calipers so that has to be an obvious point of resistance right there, and it is a service requirement I believe.

FWIW I also fitted sintered brake pads and whilst non frequent stops (cold pad stops) are the same as standard, if you are in the twisties, they are warm and your having fun then there is a noticeable difference.

Fully intend to go back and pull down the calipers and clean everything properly, lube and put back together.. will be interesting if I gain feel and power.

My personal test is how hard do I have to pull the lever to get that suspension dive, like when you are stopping.. boom, that spot dead stop. I never had it until I did the clean and swap.


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