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Usual prob with the oem tyre following white lines etc, no serious off road requirements, want a road based tyre, anyone have any opinions re the Bridgestone Battleax  BT 23 or T31 tyres. Thanks

Oh goody a tyre thread.   :001:

Not used Bridgestone but presently using Michellin Pilot Road 5 Trail and am well impressed with wet & dry performance.

Any road oriented tyre from Avon, Bridgestone, Michelin, Dunlop, Continental or Metzeler will be superb

But seeing as you're asking  :001:
I'm currently rocking a pair of Conti Road Attack 3s.
Superb, wet or dry

Currently using Bridgestone A41s, which I find fine. They replaced a pair of Bridgestone T30 Evos, also good - the reason I changed was a 35 mile commute mainly along motorways (with no particularly good fun options) so I wanted to see if I could get better tyre life from the A41s with their deeper tread. It seems to be working.

Thanks for info :001:


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