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After some discussion here on the forum and the video conference we had last Saturday, here are the some final details for the Megameet 2021 - Germany:
1. Location: H+ Hotel Frankfurt Airport West, I have not fixed the deal finally, but even if it does not work out with this hotel, it will be least in the Region Rhein-Main, that's between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden
2. Date: 7 May til 9 May, 2021, participants should try to arrive Friday night at 6 pm at the hotel, so kick-off meeting is supposed to be at 7.30 am
3. Rideouts: we will be offering two rideouts, each starting 9.30 am (if we need to have to groups, times may differ)
    Saturday: up and down the hills, crossing the River Rhine two times on a ferry boat, Castles, Rocks and Wine, 220 kms in total (current plan, this may change)
    Sunday: crossing the Taunus Hills, visiting some historic places , 240 kms in total (current plan, this may change)

Thanks for the update Uli. All looks fine to me!
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I hadn't checked the calendar for May 2021 and have just realised that the 2nd weekend is earlier than I'd expected. We had a UK holiday booked for this year that we've had to rebook to May 2021. I didn't think when making the change about how it might clash with the MegaMeet, but it turns out your dates are perfect for me. Now I just need to speak nicely to Mrs T800XC to see how many days I can stay away!

Dont worry mate if push comes to shove we will come down there and kidnap you !

We had a so-called "Bridge Day" yesterday meaning the Thursday was a bank holiday (Corpus Christi Day) and the Friday was therefore sandwiched between the bank holiday and the weekend so the Bridge Day is normally a day off.

Weather was fairly good up into the 30s (Celsius of course) so I did the planned Saturday tour on the Bobber. I took some pictures Megameet 2021 recce for you to see. Thoses pictures are slightly misleading, there are long stretches on the ride through the woods and up and down....

Originally Posted by Derchef1962 ... I took some pictures Megameet 2021 recce for you to see. ...

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