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a little run in north yorks

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we had a lovely run in the sun today.  a tiger road a tdm and a divvy

Stoping off at Hartside Cafe  for beginers.

then a trip to middleton in teesdale and over supermoto road

Onto kirkby Stephen where we had lunch, while we were dining Hannah saw a Geo Cache site near so we went a hunting down to the river eden

Chris took it easy

Hannah found the Cache

I wandered by the river

After Kirkby Stephen a run down the valley including a stop at pendragon castle for pic's

Hannah Determined to get the shot !!

Smile !!!

The Bikes all lonesome like !!!

After this we hit some fantastic twisty well surfaced roads from near hawes along to kendal before saying our goodbye's until tomorrow

Tomorrows instalment is 4 lakes passes (the good ones) at least 6 lakes or more , britains best view , surprise view, the langdales and more

stay tuned folks  :rotflmmfao:

Nice ride out and nice pics.
I notice you referred to the North Yorks Moors in one thread. You were actually in the Yorkshire Dales. Common mistake.
The Moors are east of the A19. Doesn't matter though, cos it's all luverly.
If you ever get over on to the Moors there are some great roads to ride, just watch out for the sheep. they have absolutely no road sense.  :001:

Looks like a nice ride, Hartsideman. Nice pics!  :047:  :031:

What fantastic pictures. The country side is beautiful.

I plan to do a similar route in a weeks time, but the left hand side of your map doesn't show, the very bit I'm uncertain of!  any chance of seeing the whole route?


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