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Which parts to complete sliding carriage assembly?

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This is a blatant call for advice, please. Bike is 2019 XRT (VIN:962***). Have managed to acquire expedition top box (A9500530). As an aside, the vendor kindly gave two parts of the sliding carriage assembly being (a) the black, 'trapezoid', plastic piece which replaces the standard piece which over-tops the brake lights and (b) the aluminium, 'trapezoid' part which includes the buffer rubbers, the rear detaching hook and the frame bobbins (note that the previous owner had modified this plate with a couple of holes to fit his sport). The pieces described are as those shown in the first of the two links below.

However, these two parts miss the other parts associated with this assembly which would make them usable (eg: front bracket T2353437 ).

Looking at the @World of Triumph' website for parts, I came across the following two sliding carriage assemblies for my bike (i)https://www.worldoftriumph.com/collections/100090268-0-2?type=tiger-800-xrt-from-vin-855532  and (ii)https://www.worldoftriumph.com/collections/100090264-0-2?type=tiger-800-xrt-from-vin-855532

Looking at these links and comparing to the photos it looks as though (i) applies to me. If correct, how do I go about getting the rest of the remaining parts thus rendering the two parts usable and, as a consequence, saving me a considerable amount of money?  It might seem that you just order the missing parts from the parts diagram but, unfortunately, not all the parts required are available to be ordered. Any help gratefully received - ta.

Hi, have you looked on the bike with the passenger seat removed, under the plastic rack tray and to the rear of the seat latch, to see if that cross brace is possibly already fitted. Looking at the parts list looks no different to the parts list for my 15 XRT.
If it's any help I did a recent write up of tapping in to the rear light wiring which has pics you might find helpful on how the sliding rack fits. The sliding rack is only fixed on with 4 screws into the 2 passenger grab handles and 2 forward nuts and bolts into the said cross brace.


Thank you. I currently have an electric air pump stored under there and didn't notice the bracket when looking under there but will look again. However, even if it is there, I'll still need the other parts shown in the diagram but which aren't available to buy separately? (Unless I am misreading the diagram). Would post pictures but these are too big.

I had seen your post and found it informative at the time. Thanks again.

After some kind help via PM, here are some pictures of plastic base plate and aluminium base plate. To my mind, (other than the forward bracket), there should be some other pieces between the two that are pictured but not detailed separately as being orderable? Probably me being dim. I am thinking specifically of the four 'carriers' underneath and above the plastic plate - these would be the pieces that allow lateral movement, surely?

And here with the exploded view (which I have borrowed) for the purposes of this thread. The parts I am talking about look like tiered washers/rubbers? Above and below the plastic piece.


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