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Originally Posted by K1W1 How about we go with peoples inner Lewis Hamilton then?

Thatís better. Iím sure theyíve all heard of him!  :031:

Originally Posted by chico Kildare, that was very illuminating and cleared things up for us across the big pond. :087:


You're welcome.

SAme guy has some brilliant explanations of American institutions etc. His take on federal lands is very good.

Ok after all that I rest my case, the Channel Islands do not belong to the "British Isles" so Matt was correct.
My oh my I thought German history is complicated and our federal system is even more complicated, again I was wrong.

The British isles are being invaded every day, through the back door!

Originally Posted by gordybrock Came on here for some Tiger info..thought I'd tuned into the History Channel by mistake  :008: :492:

Im sure there will be an oil / tyres / brakes / more power thread along soon enough
:300:  :157:


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