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new member with some rather strange questions, or maybe not!!!

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Hello and Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to you all.

I'm Mark, I'm new  and  I signed up just to ask the following  questions, so hold on to your  hats and  here goes.

1. I'm thinking of buying a Tiger XRt, and  would  very much like to know the following:

Does it  vibrate as  I appear to be very sensitive to vibration. I am currently  riding a borrowed Yamaha Tracer GT900, and I find there is lots of vibration through the footpegs and also through the bars. Its enough to make my hands go numb after about  an hour on the bike. 

2. Is the seat comfortable on the Tiger? The yamaha isnt and also leaves me with arse ache after about an hour.

3.  Is the screen good enough to deflect wind turbulence in its  highest position to a comfortable level for someone of 5 foot 9" tall?

4. I am seeing some  posts on  here suggesting Low 60's as a potential fuel consumption figure, and have to say If these figures were from the maker I would take them with a big pinch of salt, but it's been posted on here so I am going to assume it's somewhere near the truth...

I also can't  find a dealer open today, so cant ask them, BUT..... I'm led to believe that Triumph are doing  some sort of deal where  you get an alarm/tracker/immobiliser (not talking about the one built into the key I think that's been standard for a long while ) if/when you  buy a new bike???

Thanks one and all for taking the time to read to the bottom of this long list of reasons to get myself a Tiger 800 (OR MAYBE NOT!!)   and look forward to many many helpful replies.... NOW, I'll get my coat!!!....


Does it vibrate - not especially but they are known to tingle the right hand a bit.

Is the seat comfortable - every bodies backside is different. I can ride 5-600km in a day with only a couple of small stops easy. Others complain.

Is the screen any good - see above. Some like some donít. Iím about the same size and I use a deflector on top of the screen on my 16 model XRX and ride with my visor up in all weathers except heavy rain or hail. The screen and deflector work for me.

Fuel consumption - no idea. Mine had gotten better with age I can generally get about 320 km (200 miles) before the low light comes on and that is supposed to give another 90 or so km. I have done 380 I think before refilling.

The XRT is on run out because the new 900cc model is arriving in stores. Triumph are offering deals on remaining stock. What the deal is will depend on what country you live in.

I agree with K1W1, things are subjective but the Tiger is about as civilised as you're going to get.

It is a motorcycle and therefore something that will beat you up to some degree, that's part of the fun, surely?
If you want senses assaulting big time, try a large capacity V twin for comparison  :001:

 :401: :417:

Hi and  :401:

1. Vibration not too noticeable, certainly less than my TDM900
2. I have the comfort seat (XRx) and find it really good
3. I'm 5'9" and have the standard screen with an upper deflector fitted. Can ride visor-up up to around 60mph. Wind hits my
   shoulders but all air is non-turbulent
4. I get around 240 miles out of the 19 litre tank

There is always a deal to be had at any dealership.

As stated, all subjective of course.

I would wait until you can have a decent test ride.
Good luck.



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