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Hi all,
Long-time Triumph (Daytona 955i - the curvy-shaped one) and potential Tiger owner joining up. Will be looking for advice on what flavour of Tiger to take a closer look at (I know you're the '800' site but hopefully covering the 900 too!) but will pot a proper question in the right forum so as not to p*ss off the admins  :016:
I was on the Triumph Torque forum for many years - hello to any members of that illustrious crew who now lurk here!


Welcome Nick,

Been sitting on an 800 for 9 years. Only had a quick sit-on a 900 (road version) and it felt comfortable. Quite slim. Would suggest you go and try them. If you're not too fussy about the latest & greatest then a late 800 would be good for you. And if old school and prefer a cable rather than a wire and ecu controlling the throttle then a '11-14 Tiger is for you.


 Hello and  :401:

Hi Nick and  :401: to the forum.
There is nothing up with the 800 and as mentioned, much cheaper.

Good luck.


Hi and :401:


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