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Is Tiger 900/800 right for me?

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Hi folks, just posted in the New members forum so let me jump in with my first proper question and see if you folks can advise:
I currently ride a big old Daytona 955i but looking for something a bit more upright (already have bar raisers on the 'Tona) and also something that a pillion can be happier on as my missus is starting to ride a bit with me. I have a Triumph dealership in my town so my first preference is to stay with triumph but it's not an unbreakable. Has anyone on the forum come from the Daytona/Sprint and how did they find the 800 (and ideally 900) Tiggers in comparison. I'm thinking that engines have moved on a long way since 1999 and even with less cubes a 'smaller' Tiger is not going to leave me wanting, but should I be looking at a Tiger Sport (if that's not a dirty word on this forum)? Use will be 100% on road, comfy enough for a pillion but unlikely to be doing any big touring 2-up; still exciting as a solo rider.

I moved from a 99 Sprint to a Tiger 800 in 2014 and whilst I loved the Sprint my short legs meant I dropped it a few times whilst nearly stationary.

The Tiger 800 was an instant hit beacause it was so easy to ride and control. I am now on my second one (XRX) having briefly thought about and test rode a T120 but getting back on my 800 clinched it.

Had a 2001 Sprint 955 from 2007 to 2012 but felt it was getting a bit heavy to move around
Chipped in for a 600 Diversion F October 2012. Missed the grunt of the biger bike but certainly more handleable.
Visited a dealer Oct 2013 thinking of a Sprint 1050.
Salesman suggested Tiger so a test ride sold it to me and ordered ABS roadie.
Came with heated grips touring screen and top box.
Needless to say Triumph upgraded a year later but couldnt justify a change.
April 2019 decided to trade in for XRX.

Not had a Daytona or Sprint but I've come from more powerful bikes (FZ1, Street Triple R, Tracer 900) to the Tiger. When I test rode it I was sold, it's just so comfortable and refined and now I consider cruise control an essential.

The Tiger while not as powerful is still more than enough, it will shift if you want it to.

I do miss my Street Triple though. Wish I could have both.

Thanks for the responses. I suspect trade-in value for the Daytona would be less than itís worth to me so Iíll likely keep it. Any of you folk doing any 2-up on your previous bikes and if so how does the Tiger compare? Missus has just been out a couple of times with me on the back of the ĎTona but itís not the greatest pillion perch and sheís staring at the back of my head.


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