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Centre Stand Modification


I have increased the length of the foot lever by around 25mm. This has made a big difference for me. Previously I struggled to get the bike onto the centre stand. Now my body weight does it easily. I am 80kg. I did also shorten the main arms by 10mm but I am not sure that was totally necessary. The rear wheel now only clears the ground by about 15mm but that is ok and if I need more clearance a thin piece of plywood under the stand does the trick. In the photo there are bolts in the main arms, these have now been replaced by welding. It is quite easy to cut around the welds of the main arms if you do want to shorten them. There is a solid steel tongue inside the flattened tube. If you remove the stand to work on it is best not to leave the bike on the side stand as the left side bolt is also supporting the side stand bracket. What I did was to keep the bike upright using a couple of ropes from the ceiling of my garage tied to the pillion grab bars. Another little thing is the securing bolts are screwed into round nuts (which are also the bearing surfaces for the stand) with a pin to stop them spinning. When refitting these a head torch is useful to line up these pins. I did put a little grease on those bearing surfaces. Use a doubled up piece of string to remove and refit the spring.

Sorry - meant to post in the Roadies but I guess maybe ok for the XC. I may repost.


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