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Back end noise


Little Polo:
I am a new member, Little Polo, based in Yorkshire and have a 2019 Tiger 800 and a BMW F750GS. I have an issue with the Tiger in that I get a noise from the back end that sounds like was-waa-waa. It varies with speed coming in at 45, maxing at around 55 and disappearing at 60. The only other way to make it disappear is leaning the bike from side to side. The dealer has no idea what it is. Any ideas?

I think I'd want to first have a good look at the sprocket carrier, brake disc/pads and abs ring to see if everything is tight and trure

Little Polo:
Thanks. Holding the back brake gently on doesn't change the noise but i will look at the others although the dealership are supposed to have checked it over.

Tyre tread or else  chain?

Same on my XRT. Went back to the dealer several times about it but no luck. Worst around 90km/hr. I am fairly sure it is tyre related noise and maybe something to do with the general acoustics of the rear of the bike and the open nature of that area around the rear wheel. I tried changing the tyres to Michelins but the noise is still there but with the Michelins it varies according to road surface whereas with the Metzelers it didn't so much. So I don't know how you can fix it. Bit disappointing as otherwise the bike is really quiet.


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