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I Have ridden the new 900 GT Pro

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Well the 800 was in for a service so arranged to take the 900 out.

Amazing springs to mind. Handling whilst great on the 800 seems to be improved. But the main difference is the motor. Wow does it go. You can bimble along in 6th at 30 MPH and then it will just pull from there and off it goes. It sounds so different (more like a Africa Twin) and yet it has so much low down grunt. AT 70 MPH it is pulling 4100 RPM so much less buzzy then the 800.

Did I like it Yes  :169:
Is is worth £5k on top of my 2018 9k miles XRT  :084: well if you have the money then why not. Will I be pressing  the wad  :110:
I still loved my 800 on the ride home. But when I do change the  the 900 will be a contender.

Iíve just dropped down from the explorer to the rally pro. Absolutely loving it. Shift assist is brilliant as is the huge reduction in weight.

Have you any thoughts on vibration and comfort that has been mentioned by reviewers. Is it manageable for 300 mile trips?


Still running in, only had it a week ago, but to be honest, itís so minute that I canít really notice it. Engine definitely has that slight twin feel which is rather nice imho. but maintains the triple smoothness. Itís early days, but I am more than pleased with my change.

Has it got Hill Assist, or cornering ABS?


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