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Carol Nash outrageous admin Fees

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Really pi**ed off with Carol Nash charges - just tried to add a 40 year old little Kawasaki green laner to my policy which is due for renewal in 8 weeks time. They came back with a quote of 39.89 of which 37.00 was their admin charge!! 2.89 for the insurance!! The call handler referred the charge to his team leader when I complained who said sorry they can't alter the fee! They really don't make it easy to do business with them. I know I'm going to have the same old battle at renewal. Probably end up walking away this time. Grrrrrr!!

I have yet to deal with a really sensible insurance company.

I'd wait the 8 weeks then add the new bike or go elsewhere.

Originally Posted by KildareMan I'd wait the 8 weeks then add the new bike or go elsewhere.

Thats my plan but would have liked to ride it while the weathers decent  :023:

Maybe take out insurance from now with another insurer and just forget about (and stay quiet about) the remaining 8 weeks, try Devitt, they do a multi-bike policy, I have always found them really good, you have 39.89 towards your new policy and can enjoy your Kawasaki :028:


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