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Carol Nash outrageous admin Fees

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Unfortunately we all want things cheaper , Insurance as with other services is a cut throat business , I usually rotate between Carol Nash ,Bennett’s & Hastings , there is no bonus for customer loyalty nowadays,I wait to the renewal comes in , usually at £20-£30 over the last year (my premium is £100 fully comp) and bounce the price around with others until someone gives , changed my bike 3 times mid policy in the last 10yrs and yes as you’ve said been hit with admin costs , the 3 above mentioned have charged about the same ,but they’ve got to make some money somehow.

Just checked back I was £80 last
August when I swapped over the GS to the Tiger , this included one months insurance on the GS until I sold it , bearing in mind my total yearly insurance is £100 with Bennetts.

I've recently insured my Enfield with Swintons. All quotes were about the same, around £60+ , but cancelling the policy with them was £25 and a pro data rebate.  Bike sure wanted £60 to cancel!

To be honest the amount most people are paying who dont live in London is laughable. Your not being ripped off at all. Take my bike i have 10yrs of no claims im 58 and my last renewal was £550 ish. I doubt even 1 Tenere has been stolen in London. I know its a bit of a mecca for bike theft but not my bike. I am paying to insure other people's exotic sports bikes etc not my bike. And here is where it really gets stupid. The extra for commuting is about £30. Which is the use most likely for me to be involved in a RTC. As for the 1 click of the button scenario i don't think thats fair at all. People have to read through stuff quatify it check it and reply. That's not one click of a button. I don't mind paying for admin what i dont like is paying for the risk of someone elses bike being stolen. I will give you an example of the pub game. Say a pint costs £4.00 the profit is around 20p. Yet all the customers think your making loads of money as it only costs around £1.00 to buy. They just dont see the hidden costs. Anyway im not attacking anyone but you do have to be resonable.


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