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Carol Nash outrageous admin Fees

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Originally Posted by casclay54 Maybe take out insurance from now with another insurer and just forget about (and stay quiet about) the remaining 8 weeks, try Devitt, they do a multi-bike policy, I have always found them really good, you have £39.89 towards your new policy and can enjoy your Kawasaki :028:

Not good to have two policies running at the same time.

Originally Posted by Grumps Not good to have two policies running at the same time.
Correct I worked in Insurance for 30 years dual insurance gives them an excuse to deny being the one to pay out.

What's the cost difference if you cancel and then take a new policy (not with CN)?

I've found BeMoto to be helpful when actually talking to them

The whole system is a monumental joke; there’s got to be an opening for a TV show....., The Insurance Game...., come on down...., spot the Premium!
There may well have been an “acceptable” excuse for an admin charge back in the pencil, paper and abacus days, but £37.00 for someone in a call centre to press the “Enter” button on their keyboard is a bit much.
Anyway, if it was easy, there’d be nothing to look forward to every year when Renewal Time came around, and we all got to play..., The Insurance Game.
“Deal or No Deal”

Originally Posted by Bikertone7 Really pi**ed off with Carol Nash charges ....  £37.00 was their admin charge!!
£37 .... bargain, CN must have lowered their prices over the last 6 years.

CN was also my first and last time of trying to do a simple amendment. With my shiny new September 2013 Street Triple going to be only 2 weeks old when I was due off for 3 weeks hols in the USA and being (like my Tiger) parked outside I had a good family friend offer to put the bike in their integral garage. CN informed me it would cost £40 as an amendment fee to change the address and on return another £40 amendment fee to change the address back. Needless to say I told them to forget it and that I'd rather let it be stolen and let them pay out.

I appreciate that nearly all firms now use this 'administration fee' scam for a 1min computer task while happily spending/wasting 15 mins trying to sell you products you don't want. :172:


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