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Yo Dudes
I know it’s a long way off, but what plans/ideas do you (individually or collectively) have for the outward trip?
Harwich - Hook then straight on to Frankfurt after a “nap” on the boat.
Chunnel with overnight stop in France then on to Frankfurt.
Group meet-up somewhere en route....
Etc., etc., etc
What are people’s thoughts?
........, getting exited now.  :152:

Hi Geoff, I had occasionally begun thinking that far ahead and I've have had a couple of provisional thoughts:

Was almost certainly the Euro Tunnel for me initially based just on the Megameet only (but see later comment). I looked at the ferries for a leisurely crossing but the prices are substantial compared to the 35 minute Chunnel crossing, around £45 each way (rider & bike) and nearer the dates and firm plan I can use some Tesco Clubcard reward points to treble the value so £30 would cover the (£90) return journey. :017:

Getting there ..  :084: .. it has been provisionally mentioned that Dai may look at planning a Wednesday departure with relaxed journey scenic route/stopover (Belgium?) so a possibility.
Currently likely (given my SW location), depending on his work/time off commitments I may probably meet up with T800XC (Rich) (plus A.N.Others?) and possibly Thursday afternoon to Folkstone and Premier Inn there for very early train next morning .... or Thursday afternoon, early evening train and press on a bit and find accommodation on the other side for an early fresh start Friday morning, hopefully allowing for a bit less autobahn time. :027:

Returning ... no idea yet other than not in a rush to come directly back. A few ideas mentioned out there, west through Southern France then turn north, French Balcony roads and the War Memorial sites of Normandy (high on Jimmy60s list). Normandy appeals to me as well, via whatever else suggested/suits, but then the Euro Tunnel wouldn't be ideal for the return ... possibly the Cherbourg to Poole (about £60 - £80) would be the most convenient route (4.5hrs) rather than the heavier traffic of Portsmouth to negotiate westward, only issue being the arrival time around 10pm. Cherbourg to Portsmouth would be 3hrs and arrive around 7pm (about £100).

Still plenty of time yet, Wales Megameet first and the most likely time for some collective ideas to form. :017:

Yo Steve
Yes, it will obviously depend on where people are setting off from, i.e.their home address; I mentioned Harwich cos I can almost see it from where I am, but I think my preferred route would be the Chunnel.
The idea of return trip via Normandy sounds very good, but as you say, it will be something to mull over in sunny Wales in October.
See ya soon matey

Hi Geoff am planning to use the chunnel myself. Will be doing something else while overthere aswell. Am toying with the idea of hitting the B500 etc but am still in the thinking stage. All the other stuff mentioned interests me aswell. Hope you are well dude look forward to seeing you im Wales.

... didn't look at Plymouth ferry as assumed it would be too expensive but actually Roscoff to Plymouth, 6hrs but arrives about 10pm and only 20mins to home ... about £60 and similar distance from Cherbourg as Calais is. :084:


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