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Insurance , is it all just a big CON?

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Jack Daniels:
Simple answer to the original question - yes.

Not just motorcycle insurance e.g. my old mother being a trusting/nave person let her home insurance auto-renew for years thinking that good old-fashioned loyalty would be rewarded. She asked me to check one year and she was paying around 700 a year for insurance with pointless additions on a tiny terraced house. I ran it through a couple of go-compare-the-confused-meerkat sites and got better insurance for 85!  :211:

The original purposes of insurance was sound - everyone in a group pays a small amount in to cover the risk of a large outlay but as ever greed wins over fair play. Insurers charge as much as they can rather than the cost of the risk and a minority of the insured make false claims (rant over  :002:)


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