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Insurance , is it all just a big CON?

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£87 I paid this year. First time I’ve ever had insurance under three figures!

i got my renewal thru from Bennetts and it went up £135 to £187.

Went onto compare the market and top of the list.................Bennetts for £89.

If it is any comfort, the insurance game in the US mostly similar. If one doesn't shop around and protest rate hikes then they are paying too much. I think it is true that the insurance company starts with what they think you will pay, not what is fair.

Rick B:
Originally Posted by Dazcoates Had my renewal through from Triumph , well actually it turns out to Adrian Flux, who are Also Bikesure.
Anyway the renewal was for £ 329. Apparently according to their renewal notice this was a reduction  from last year where I played £441( crap coz I have a bank statement showing £241).
I had quotes from Devit @279 bikesure( adrian flux)@273 and Hastings @243.
Rang Triumph ( adrian flux,  Bikesure ) and managed to get it for £244.
So that's a saving of £85 for a 5 minute telephone call.
So is it all just a big game ?
Proper pissed off with insurance companies taking the piss.
Think of a number , double it, divide it by 3 , half it and add 34.65.Ahhhh thsts your technologicaly calculated renewal premium.
Ive been riding for 30+yrs all sorts of bikes ZX10r,Diavels ect,Insured with AF and went to exchange from my 2016 RT1200 to the new XRT,Wham£200 more,I asked the reason and the answer was,,"You havnt ridden that type of motorcycle before"How do you work that one out,have you got my previous insurance from the past 30+,how can you justify going from a 250kgdown to a 200kg,1200-800,140bhp-90-(or thereabouts),Anyhow stood my ground and got it to near enough the same as the RT,But yeah a f"%in con.

Originally Posted by grunty-motor i got my renewal thru from Bennetts and it went up £135 to £187.

Went onto compare the market and top of the list.................Bennetts for £89.
The problem with nearly all on-line quotes is they are usually only for completely stock from factory bikes .... they don't usually allow for adding accessories (admittedly some do include a few basics) such as covering expensive set of Expedition luggage, fitting h/bar risers which most class as modifying the bike, and quite a few items we take for granted ... swopping levers, etc. My expensive Expedition luggage was/is always specifically covered on my Tiger.

When I was with CN with my Street triple they only allowed 5 mods maximum and tank pad was classed as a mod. :005:
When I moved to Bennetts they have an allowable list of a dozen or so items common items you don't need to declare. I decided after CN :164: to be fully truthful and it actually (included accepted mods) came to a list of 25 items and the premium was surprisingly still half of the CN renewal premium based on 5. :027:

Fortunately the Tiger isn't the same sort of bike and I have kept the accessories/mods down to 6 and luggage as mentioned previously and again found a much cheaper insurer than Bennetts who covered it all. :028:


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