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Strange Noise in Clutch
« on: August 01, 2020, 09:21:10 AM »
Hi there.

One year ago more or less, I started to ear a noise when riding. Because I have some bearing paranoia I thought "Ok, I have a bad bearing". Tried to ear where the noise came from, and it looked to me it was from the back wheel. Waited to change the rear tire, and changed the three bearings. Noise continues.

"Ok, so probably it's the front wheel", same thing, waited to change the front tire and changed the two bearings. Noise continues.

"What can it be?" I thought if it was from the spacers, I was going to buy all spacers including the ones inside the rim next week to see if it was from there.

But yesterday putting my bike in the garage, luckily it was in 1st gear, because I always push it in neutral, I've heard a noise and noticed it was from the clutch.

I made a video, don't know if it's audible. In neutral you can ear the sound of the chain noise in the front sprocket. In first gear you can ear a different sound coming inside the clutch, or I hope you can because the sound quality it's not the best.


Next week I'll take the bike to the mechanic, but I wanted to know an opinion for what this could be?
My first thought "It's a inside bearing", like I've said, I have bearing paranoia  :125:

Thank you.


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