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Had my 2014 bike serviced today by Muddysump.
 Excellent service and I would highly recommend him. :047:

I would be reluctant to take my T800XCA to the average Triumph service centre but MuddySump would definitely be someone I would trust to do the imminent 12k service. I thought he was based in the NE and so would be interested in how you got your T800 serviced by him given where you live?

He travels the country servicing Triumphs. More information can be found on his web site muddysump.com  :031:

He canít service the 2018/19 Tiger 800s or the Tiger 900 because he doesnít have the software to deal with the latest bikes. Itís the only downside to having bought my 2019 XRt in that I will now have to use my local dealer instead of entrusting the job to David.

Obviously, he doesnít make a long journey to an area to service just one bike so you may need to wait until he has enough work in your area to make it worth his while to come there. I am lucky in that I live fairly close to his home address so I was always able to get him to service my bike while he was taking his summer break at home.

Fortunately, mine is a 2017 XCA and so should be ok. However, I'm planning to leave it till the Autumn to get the first 12k service done and may contact MuddySump nearer the time to see how he's then fixed for visiting my area (OXON).


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