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Re: New Triumph Trident 660 for 2021
« Reply #40 on: October 31, 2020, 10:04:14 AM »
*Originally Posted by Tigermainia [+]
Its going to be my next bike I would think as I have one short tour to (hopefully) do next August, two up, and then bike touring days with the wife will come to a close.  :161: At way past the three score and ten we've had a fair crack at touring world wide.

With the Trident being approx 25Kg lighter than the XRt it will be ideal (subject to test ride) for me and the wife to do some great ride outs. We'll try and get a test ride in Feb'21 everything permitting and go from there. If don't suit then the Tiger stays.

I think the Trident should do extremely well, so probably next September will be about right..............after the rush!!!!!!

My son rides a 765 Street Triple and he's even thinking about it.

Lightweight is good up to a point for touring, highway riding with wind you benefit from a bike that's not too light and shaken over by the gusts.
I still keep my 2014 yami Fazer 8, it's low and sporty and I don't feel the 219kg, to me it's in trail bikes that I prefer lightness or at least lower COG them being higher bigger packages, hence me selling my Africa twin for a Tiger.

This middleweight roadster segment is more and more competitive, seems Suzuki are coming with a new SV650 and they might turbo it, MT-07 are being updated and Honda are also working on middleweight twin engine with a compressor, crazy things coming !


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