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Cancelled Megameet Therapy

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Well cancellation of this years Megameet was clearly a big disappointment for a lot of us so hopefully I can cheer myself up with a few good days out while up here in Cumbria from plymouth, even if this should have happened 11 months ago but unfortunately the day before that departure I found myself being admitted to the cardio ward and that was pretty much my riding curtailed until the initial release of lock down.

So arrived at our friends house in Dearham near Cockermouth Friday early evening and after getting organised early Saturday morning I set off about 11:30am 'ish.

A straight run down the A66 almost to Penrith and then a right turn towards Windemere starting with ....

About to start going up ...

... and going down.

Once in Windemere I had a bit of fun looking to refuel with the 1st being closed and the second, though looking open with a car refuelling, turned out to be closed and a member of staff using the pump. 3rd time lucky, fuelled up and set off for Coniston via the Hawkshead loop. however about half way there there was a traffic holdup which I was able to go around and eventually found that a bus and motor-home had unsuccessfully tried to pass on the narrow road and almost level got jammed. I turned around and after most car drivers waved at me for an update I headed back around by-passing Hawkshead to Coniston.

along past the Lake and on to the start of ...

Through the Wyrnose Pass ...

... and on over the Hardknott Pass ...

... and down.

A bit of clear road running then west towards Egremont then north towards Cockermouth before turning east to Buttermere. Along the water of Buttermere and then the Honister Pass ...

and up past the slate mine ...

... and on to Keswick. The weather had then started to drizzle a bit and started to darken so I didn't stop for a pic of the sign but then went through the Whinlatter Pass to finish the day and back through Cockermouth to Dearham.
I only stopped for about 10mins for my sandwich and bag of crisps just after turning around after the bus incident so a steady straight near 7'ish hours on the sargent seat and 163 miles covered, which doesn't sound a lot if you have no idea of riding the Lakes but definitely is (and weekend traffic on certain parts, Windemere was packed).

I did have aching hips when I finally sat down but a very enjoyable days riding.

Here is the basic route I used as a guide and I plan on doing it again in the reverse direction which is apparently the harder way to do the Hardknott .... I will find out.

Also while up here I hope to do a couple of full days on the north'ish part of the Yorkshire Moor, via Alstom, similar to the route that we did on the Sunday of last years Lakes Megameet.

Other than a couple of months ago when the lock down was eased and I went to Motolegends Guildford and bought some new gear this was the first real day of serious riding since last years Megameet and a thoroughly enjoyable one, particuarly as it then hammered down with rain and howling winds all night and the wind remained most of today.

All I can say is....


Well Sunday was a pretty awful day weather wise and Monday was a dutiful day of a few DIY tasks for our host (a widow) so today was another 'me' therapy day while the women went to Carlisle for garden centres, craft shops and lunch.

Set myself a route that was pretty much the route that Ron took us on Sunday of last years Megameet due to an unforeseen bicycle event that meant the roads around the Lake District were basically shut to traffic.

So set off about 10:30 in a pleasant 22c out through Cockermouth and on to Penrith then picked up the route to Alstom. I had come up behind a sports bike a bit before the start of the Hartside Pass and signs stated the road to Alston was closed. He waved his arms at me in a sort of questioning manner and I waved back to indicate carry on. We worked our way up and pulled in at the site of the old Hartside Cafe...

... which was a derelict burnt out shell last year but now cleared away and just a shipping container and a closed burger van in its place. There were still a few bikes there and a few cars taking in the view back towards Penrith.

Another rider who was going the other way informed us that there was a diversion in place for the road to Alston so I set off and just over the peak simply had to divert down a narrow side road that effectively ran parallel to the closed section of road. I fuelled up in Alstom to be sure and set off ... onto the start of what was to become the bulk of my day.

Over the border into Teesdale ...

... and more horrendously congested roads  :015: :008:

The plan was to stop and eat in Middleton-in-Teesdale (as last year) and my arrival time at 1pm was perfect .... unfortunately the masses of visitors and sight of congested cafe fronts made it a no brainer to carry on and try Brough or even Kirby Stephen. That again proved unfruitful as there didn't appear to be anywhere obvious to eat. So I carried on to Hawes though the riding was so enjoyable that the fact I hadn't eaten since 8am I still didn't feel particularly hungry.

So got to Hawes about 2pm and timed it just right on the main street as a car left and the single rider in front of me went in the vacated space with me following. Again Hawes was very busy like standard holiday time but as I got off the bike a passing American asked me about the benefits of bar risers and after a pleasant conversation when I mentioned needing to find somewhere to eat he directed me to a pie shop around the corner which happened to be just down from where I had parked and was at the quieter edges of the main street. So a pasty, piece of fruit cake and bottle of coke later I set off again.

Next stop was at Ribble Head viaduct and by now it was getting to be a bit warm at 25c.

Once in Kirby Lonsdale I stopped for a 10 minute chat with a couple of modern Classic triumph owners at the riverside bikers meeting place before setting off again.

So here is my overall route, known as the Alston south loop. A totally 10/10 ride and to be honest, much as I love riding the Lakes, the blend of miles and miles of sweeping bends with next to zero traffic (unlike the Lakes) makes it a dream route. I finally arrived back at Dearham at 6:15pm and my tally for the day was 258 super enjoyed miles. :028: :017:

We're closing all the roads, stay away  :038:

Thanks for posting your trip details. I was in that area last week, along with Scotland, Peak District and the North Yorkshire Moors. The Pennines and the Yorkshire Dales were certainly the highlights.

Shame you missed out on the Fish and Chip shop in Middleton on Tees as that has to be the best chips I've ever had.


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