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Re: 2013 Tiger 800 - Fuel hose
« Reply #10 on: October 01, 2020, 07:24:42 PM »
Bit of a confusing one.  Had an email from fowlers officially saying that part no longer available and no compatible replacement has been issued, so was refunded for it.

If I do a lookup on fowlers for the Tiger 800 (up to vin 67841) it does indeed list the part as no longer available.  However, if I lookup the Tiger 800 XC (up to vin 67841) it lists the newer part number, which it also says is compatible with the newer bikes.   Surely there can't be much difference between the road and xc versions?

Guess without comparing the old and new parts can't be 100% sure they fit, and it's a lot to pay for a potentially incorrect pipe.

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Re: 2013 Tiger 800 - Fuel hose
« Reply #11 on: October 01, 2020, 08:02:24 PM »
I know you can't always go by the parts diagrams but the connectors on the earlier hose looks completely different to the newer ones. Although the earlier 800 XC lists the later part number, the diagram is still the same as the earlier 800. The obvious difference between the hoses, apart from the connectors, is that the later hose looks much longer but may still be ok for the earlier arrangement. I would have thought that as long as the tank and fuel rail inlet/outlet pipes on the earlier and later models have the same dimensions, the later hose might be ok. If you need any dimensions from the later set up, I would be happy to provide since my tank is presently off.

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Re: 2013 Tiger 800 - Fuel hose
« Reply #12 on: March 22, 2021, 06:08:51 PM »
It's a bit old of a topic but I had to remove the tank on mine and when I put it back together fuel is just pissing out the connector.  So time to replace that hose whether I want to or not I guess. 

The Bikebandit part list shows T1240593 as well so hopefully that's what it is, my local dealer isn't open today so I'm going to call them tomorrow.  Will find out what hose fits a 2012 Tiger ABS at any rate.


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