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Rear caliper- are ABS and non ABS interchangeable? 2013 XC with ABS

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Hello,  the pad pin on the rear caliper on my 2013XC has seized and so far I've not been able to remove it ( next stage of drilling it out risks damaging the body) so I'm looking at getting a used one.   Some are described ABS or non ABS and worse still no mention either way.
Triumph list different part numbers which suggests they are not interchangeable.
Any advice or guidance appreciated.

I don't know the answer to your question but I'm wondering if you tried applying heat to the pin and surrounds in order to extricate said pin or have a machine shop have a go at it?


Aussie Tiger:
You could check to see if they have the same pads - Im almost certain they do, and if not Im even more  certain they have the same shape backing plate, with the only difference being the grooves in the pad material or thickness.
That wont guarantee the caliper mounting holes are identical but Id be amazed if they were different if the pads are the same.

I suspect the difference will just be a clip or something for the ABS sensor

Thanks for the responses.  Personally I'm pretty sure it'll be the same caliper unit, as I can't think how ABS affects build of it (ignoring pad thickness)

I've soaked the area in oil, WD40 etc overnight; impact driver on the hex bolt ( stopped short of rounding it off; I've sawn the pin off near the far end to confirm where it's seized and remove the pads; heater up carefully - it's still attached to pipe -  but it's now time to get serious!


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