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Go west young man.


I had a dayoff on Monday that miraculously coincided with a sunny day with little or no threat of rain so thought that a ride out west of William's Lake BC might be in order.  Luckily here in BC's central interior we are surround by an embarrassment of wealth in fabulous roads.

Narcosli Creek road, south of Quesnel.

Rudy Johnson Bridge, West Fraser Road, north of William's Lake.

This bridge was built by a private citizen in 1968 without any government support or encouragement.  Rudy Johnson purchased a 200-ton, 300-foot long steel bridge in Alaska and reassembled it across the Fraser River, with the help of engineer Howard Elder, in six months for only $200,000. It allowed him to cut 30 miles off his trips between his Buckskin Ranch and Williams Lake.

We stopped off at the William's Lake tourist info building for directions. Log houses are quite popular here but I think this one is over the top.

Farwell Canyon is 20km of packed dirt and gravel off BC Hwy 20 about 40 km west of William's Lake. That's Danielle and her Wee Strom.

If you look way down by the river you might be able to see. . .

These guys fishing using dip nets.

Only Native Indian people are legally allowed to fish this way as it's been part of their food gathering tradition for untold thousands of years.

Notice that no one is wearing any lifejackets or safety lines. I guess that they would rather drown quickly than be smashed to pieces while floating down the rapids in a life preserver.
 As the salmon migrate up the river to spawn, they hug the rocky shoreline which is the easiest part of the river.  The Natives continuously sweep their nets downstream hoping to catch some of the hundreds of thousands of fish as they swim upstream.

Beautiful pictures Cariboo, looks a fantastic place to ride. Interesting about both the bridge and the fishing too, nice to learn a little something while admiring ride pics  :028:

Stunning scenery.  :001:

 :031: Beauty pics, eh!  :038:


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