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Malvern Jacket Trousers or Rukka Kakix 2 combo ?


Interested to know what people thoughts are on the Triumph Malvern Kit? Iím trying to decide between the Malvern combo or spend a little more and buy Rukka Kalix 2 ?

Interested in how waterproof the Malvern kit is and all day comfort.

Goretex pro laminated like in Rukka jackets, sure are effective a vendor made me wear it and threw
pots of water on me, but the price is pure insanity in my opinion, as I will wear through crotches too
fast which is not covered by warranty.

I do ride around 30'000Km per year so for me waht works is Sympatex, my personnal favourite which
is at least as good, without the price tag, but somehow almost unknown to bikers.

for exemple :

Plus 1 on the Buse gear.

Was fortunate to do a Rhine River cruise a few years ago and one of the Bar attendants onboard was a rider and he told me about

Just happened to have a day at a town that had a store within walking distance and after a funny episode of trying to explain to one of the service guys what I wanted (he was the only one who had reasonable English) I ended up with the Jacket, Cargo style pants, upgraded the protection pads and a bought a few other clothing items.

Primarily I wanted a suit that was waterproof (within reason) in hot weather so the main outer layer had to be waterproof without requiring inner layers as I was starting in a tropical area and doing a 3 week trip down the east coast of Australia leading into Winter in the Southern states..

So the Buse had great air flow zips, was really comfortable and worked well from mid 30's Celsius down to 8.0 C with the liners.

If it was ongoing rain then your bum will get wet eventually, even though it had a durable waterproof material through the seat and crutch. But I feel that a different seat material like a mesh would help, like a barrier to your suit. So wet gear over the top for those long crap days would be the best option.

Buse has been my go to suit for touring for some 2 years now, never seen it in Australia but very functional and reasonably priced at that time, particularly given the $Aus has always been poor against the Euro/Pound.

Would buy again without question if the opportunity came up.

Watch their sales.


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