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Re: xcx or not
« Reply #10 on: October 17, 2020, 09:54:34 PM »
*Originally Posted by ENGLISHBANDIT [+]
I have had both bikes cast wheels and now the XC. To be honest I did not want the XC because of the bigger front wheel, I do not go off road so no point really, so I thought. And tyres cost a lot more as there is less choice with the front being 21 on the XC . I had to pay 285 for a set  instead of about 200 and you can not get true sports Turing tyres which is what I would have liked (bt023 Tyres I put on my XR ) but I have had no problems at all with the grip on the tyres I had to buy.  I bought my XC 6 weeks ago as it was in as new condition with only 4000 miles (5300 now) and the price was good for basically a new bike. Anyway as for cornering its down to the rider. I have no problems at all riding it and I ride the twisty roads up here. I dont cane it but I dont hang around ether and I find the bike is a pleasure to ride. As for seat night I only have a 30 inside leg and 5.10 and with the seat on the lowest position I have no problems at all and my bike is not lowered. So at fully standard hight. My only worry is punctures in the middle of no where . When I had the new tyres fitted they must have nicked the inner tube I got 30 miles out from the shop and yes you guessed it a sodding flat. Had to call the wife to get my van and come pick me up , so on side of road for 2 hours waiting. If I had the cast wheels I could have fixed it but sh*t happens .I have only had 3 puncture in the last 10 years and thats what RAC is for. My honest opinion it does not matter which bike you choose both are very good bikes just buy the best tiger 800 you can find for your money and which ever model it is ,is what you get. So bottom line both cracking bikes both ride spot on and would not bother me which one I had in the garage as long as I got a good deal on the bike I was buying. I Was really not sure if I would like the XC as I normally Ride a bit faster than I should. But I do like the bike a lot. And when I am up in the highlands next year on the back single track mountain roads I am sure I will be more than glad of the 21 front wheel.


Absolutely spot on. There really is no handling compromise , plus you have the added bonus of being just that little more adventurous. So many people they wouldnt do off-road so wont get an XC, but if you have one there every chance you just might (or have to).
I confess to the tubes being a worry. A puncture could easily ruin your day but not impossible to fix with the right tools. Making the wheels tubeless gave me some piece of mind but not the same as the tubeless spoked wheels on the 900 do. In any case, in the all the years Ive been riding motorbikes (45+), including a few trikes and quads, Ive only had 3 or 4 punctures, the last one was 11 years ago when I rode past a building site and picked up a screw (in the tyre haha). When I made mine tubeless I took the wheels and tyres off myself, and refitted them, admittedly in my garage, to see how hard it was and to make sure I had the right tools. Not the best fun Ive ever had but not too bad either.
With so many XCs out there, if it was a seriously compromising issue youd certainly hear a lot more tails of woe than we do. You get more versatility with the extra ground clearance and more compliant suspension, which make it a more comfortable ride, in my opinion, and bash plate and engine bars are bonuses you dont have to think about adding.
Bottom line, whichever Tiger you buy you will love.

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Re: xcx or not
« Reply #11 on: October 18, 2020, 05:07:48 PM »
All has been said about wheels and tubes, do not forget that going XC your front at least will be bias ply,
not radial that's worth noting.

Then there's the suspension talk, I would advise against a XC if you're a commuter, I rode my CRF1000
36'000Km and while I never had issues with the 21", after 3 years of bad trafic stop and go, the longer
fork travel dive when braking was getting on my nerves.
If it's then only a weekend fun ride, XC or XR won't make a huge difference, you'll be more limited for
tire choices on the XC, so again if you never off-road, better have a XR with proper sport touring tires.

As for off-roading on a XR, I can say between my Tiger and Honda (21"), my limited skills still allowed
me to do it fine on a XR, I can't say it was more difficult, you really need to go fast on dirt, or in tricky
terrain for a 21" to be desired.
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