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Thanks. Ending Production



Thanks to all my customers. I've decided to stop making the stands and may drop out from the forum. I have a few left but not got them packaged up etc so drop me a message and I'll let you know current situation. I'll support with spares etc but delivery may take a little longer.

The stand itself is universal and should work on any bike with bobbin holes (preferably 8mm) assuming there's clearance from exhausts etc and in some cases spacers are required as on the Tiger 800/900.

I've decided to 'retire' from this sort of work to concentrate on riding abroad more ! If anyone is interested in taking over the stand business, message me. Its been fun designing and making the stands and all the good feedback from customers I've had but its time to move on.

Alan, Monntek Stands.

Still happy with mine, use it a lot, Thanks

Still have mine, bought for my Street Triple about 6 yrs ago, but with swivels on upper thread limit on frames do lift the bike enough for what I need with the Tiger.

Thanks and best wishes for the future.  :031:
(and this forum is also hoping to get abroad next year for its Tiger Megameet in Frankfurt).

Thanks Monntek for a great product. Enjoy your new journey.  :031:


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