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RallyMoto - Salisbury Plain


Just finished the weekend event(011120).
 A really good experience. Very well organised and all the technical equipment needed was supplied: Roadbook holder and mounting bracket, GPS locator. You get a GPS power lead to keep permanently.  You need an accurate device to measure the distance between the navigation legs, there is a free one you can download to your phone. On Saturday we did a training circuit on Salisbury plain, you could complete the loop as often as you liked, then there was a 120 km course to do. A mixture of byways and roads all suitable for large adventure bikes. Even with the wet ground it was all achievable. I put on Karoo 3 tyres because thatís what they use in Wales at the the Triumph centre, they handled the wet chalk/mud on the plain very well indeed and were very confidence inspiring. Sunday was a 200km rally, the amount and variety of bye ways in the plain area surprised me. Really good day and will definitely be going onto the plain a lot more from now on.


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