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Problem with Touchscreen using Motorcycle Gloves solved (almost!!)

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I am planning to replace my old Garmin Zumo 660 with OsmAnd Maps on my iPhone 8 but one problem is the mobile touchscreen will not react when using my gloves Knox Covert.

Donít want to buy new gloves so searched the net for solutions. Found some but they also had some cons so I tried my own and it WORKED.

If I open my helmet and lick (just touching my tongue) on the top of my glove index finger my iPhone 8 will react when touching the screen. Still not easy to touch the right spot on the little screen with the bulky gloves but now I can at least zoom by hitting the + and - sign and go back and forth to the start menu.


Take your glove off.  :017:

Originally Posted by KildareMan OR

Take your glove off.  :017:

In the summer - maybe
In the winter - do not think so

I use these.  One pack was enough for fingers on 2 pairs of gloves.  6 months later they are still attached and working after a lot of rain driving.....

GloveTacts V2 Smart Fingertip Glove Touch Stickers - I got mine from ebay:

These work ok, brill gloves.


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