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Seat heater light blinking yellow

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Hello folks,

I have a 2019 800 XRT and I've been facing an issue regarding the heated seat indicator. It keeps on blinking yellow and black whenever the display is on. I made a short youtube video for this problem.


Having checked the wiring and connectors, everything seems fine. Seats are heating normally, what makes me somewhat puzzled.

Would appreciate if someone can share knowledge on this.

On my earlier Tiger 800, I believe the heated seat light flashes when the battery voltage drops below 11.8V. It's difficult to see what else it would warn you about other than a complete heated seat failure. Might be worth measuring the battery voltage to check whether that is the problem.

Surely the bike is still under warranty, I would suggest a phone call to the dealer to enquire whether you have a problem or not. If you do then they should sort it out.

Samsgrandad, I am hoping there is a quick fix (for instance a reset procedure) for this issue, despite the bike being in warranty indeed. The thing is I can't find the meaning of this light anywhere, and I'm wondering if are there any more indicators not explained in the manual. But thanks!!

Thanks for the advice, awjdthumper. Will check voltage with a multimeter. But I'm afraid it is not a battery issue, since I had that indicator flashing since day one, out from the retailer.

Any more thoughts on this?

Edit: Will try the OBD scanner to look for faults. Will get back if I find something.

Aussie Tiger:
I see above you donít seem too keen to get the Dealer to look at it, BUT if as you say it was flashing on day one out from the Dealer, why didnít you just take it straight back? Trying to trace something in this situation that is abnormal and not listed in the manual makes no sense at all.


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