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Tranny/clutch sqeak?
« on: November 21, 2020, 11:15:00 PM »
2014 Tiger 800 XC, 18,000 miles      (fairly new Mobile 1 15w-50 oil)

So today I noticed a new noise after returning from an 80 mile ride (i.e. engine is warm, EDIT.. noise gone now that engine has cooled).

When I roll the bike forward, in gear, holding the clutch..  there is a rythmic squeak/squeal coming from the transmission/clutch area.  Sounds like a brake pad rubbing on a warped disc, but light like a mountain bike size disc. Squeak, squeak, squeak, as you roll the bike forward.

Doesn't happen rolling backwards, in gear, clutch held in.

Doesn't happen with transmission in neutral, rolling either direction.

I put it on a stand and can reproduce it while in gear, holding the clutch, and turning the wheel by hand.  I started the engine and didn't notice it above engine noise, idling in gear and letting the engine turn the wheel.

The engine has now cooled off a bit and the squeak seems to be diminished...  I'll check it cold later tonight or in the morning and see if it goes away.

******EDIT:  OK, cooled for another hour and the sound is gone,

I have often pushed it around in gear with the clutch in and never noticed the sound before, but I usually ride in to my parking spot after a ride and rarely push it around after a ride.  Today I parked in the driveway after my ride and later pushed it to my parking spot, so this may be the first time I created the right conditions recently.  (Assuming the noise goes away when it is cold)

Any ideas?

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Re: Tranny/clutch sqeak?
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2020, 06:13:24 PM »
*Originally Posted by Abramsgunner [+]
Any ideas?
In the absence of comments I'll offer: The T800's oil-bath clutch is designed to run in engine oil (like many other motorcycle clutches). But, sometimes (at least historically with some brands) not enough oil reaches enough areas of the clutch. With some (other) inner clutch baskets have needed extra holes to supply adequate oil.
A couple easy solutions may help: One would be to try a different brand / type / viscosity oil (keeping with Triumph's reccos). Another would be to run the bike, stationary / on the stand, for a significant amount of time with the clutch lever pulled-in and tied to the handlebar -- varying revs occasionally.
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