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Wiring R&G heated grips on 2011 roadie...
« on: December 11, 2020, 09:37:17 PM »
Just fitted the R&G grips to my bike and thanks to all the members on this forum whove posted various advice on this topic over the years. 

My experience was that while there are circuits present at the fuse box for the heated grips and for accessory driving lights (neither of which were already fitted), there was no sign anywhere of the connector for the heated grips.  I had the tank off as I was doing a major service anyway, but that connector was no where to be found.  It is a very early bike and I can see that the wiring has evolved over the years.  Wiring diagrams I found were of uncertain vintage.

I did, however, find the 15a driving light 4-wire female connector and ignition feed (under the front of the tank, coming off the loom on the left, directly behind the headstock) so tapped into that instead as I dont anticipate fitting lights.  Swapped the fuse for a 10amp and all seems to be working fine. 

Dont know if others have had a similar experience but this may be a helpful solution if anyone does.



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