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Triumph Dealer Garmin POI files


Been playing around with Python and a bit of "web scraping".
Had a go at the Triumph website and extracted dealer details and converted to Garmin format POI files.
Two different formats: csv with 4 columns to load using POI loader (long, lat, name, desription) along with a T bitmap symbol.
Also generated a gpx file to use with basecamp or mapsource as I cant see a way to load csv data to basecamp or mapsource.
Pretty sure the lat long is accurate enough.
Need to figure out how to use the T symbol with the gpx file.
I noticed on Google maps a few showroom names are changed but I kept the Triumph website naming.

Very interesting, would it be possible to get waypoints from dealers around the world?
Thank you so much.

I can't promise anything.
It was quite a bit of work as the Lat/Long is not on the Triumph website.
I'll have another look.

I have not seen coords anywere in the Triumph website, if you could get  it will be a good thing.


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