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Rally Pro rear brake seems very weak

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Hi Everyone,

Just picked up my Rally Pro on Saturday and so I'm posting a few questions in the forum. I realise that there's still not a lot of Tiger 900 GT and Rally info on the forum, but I would like to hear from other owners.

The rear brake on my Rally Pro seems extremely weak. I have previously had a Tiger 800 (2014) and and Explorer XRT (2016) and they had much stronger and more responsive rear brakes. The rear brake on the Rally Pro doesn't give me much feel and I have to push down the break lever a really long way to get any response. I would like to know whether other 900 Rally or 900 GT owners have similar experience.

Before anyone mentions the obvious: yes, I have checked that the brake fluid is at the correct level.

The rear brake will slow down and help stabilise the bike but I sure have to press down a long way and quite hard. It's not that great for slow riding in traffic or slow manoeuvres. I haven't taken TC off yet to see how easy it is to lock the back wheel. I've only ridden it on the road so far.

Is the rear brake lever adjustable so that it engages the brake earlier?

I have to say that I don't really have the suspension settings worked out yet on this bike and it may be set up completely wrong. I don't know if this would strongly influence the feel I am getting from the back brake? I'll be posting another separate question about suspension on this bike as I am  bit confused by some of the settings in the Triumph handbook.

I have to say that in contrast, the front brake is superb. I thought the Explorer's Brembos were good but this is even better.
So its not like I can't stop if I want to , but I do use the rear brake quite a lot in slow moving traffic, especially when my wife is also on the back.

Thanks for any replies.

I think this has been discussed on the forum before as a general topic, not on the T900 particularly . But from what I remember the general consensus was that the front front brake is the brake that slows you down and the back should not be relied on, in general,  to slow the bike.
Steadying in cornering etc ok but not in usual road work.. not really deigned for such, hence the great big knackin'  Brembo's on the front  :001: :001: :001:

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I'm well aware of what the rear brake is used for and that the front one is the one that's going to stop the bike. But as I said, my previous Tiger 800 ABS, as well as my Explorer, (and all the other bikes I've owned for that matter) certainly had a much more responsive and stronger rear brake and so my question is whether other Rally pro users have encountered this and whether the rear brake lever can be adjusted as I have to push it down a very long way (which again was not the case on any of my other bikes).


I have a new 900 Rally Pro and have found the rear brake to be about the same as my 2016 XRT, I would give the disc and the pads a good clean possible oil or grease has got on to them, I had to give the rear a good clean due to grit getting on and into the pads.
I hope to find a softer front brake pads to improve them.

Iíve done 10500 miles so far, not had any problems. After cleaning I always use Muc off brake cleaner. I tend to use the back brake more when off road and find the pedal allows me to gauge how much to use.


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