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Help!!! Need to mix tyres


Our visionary (pun intended) government decided to Ban import of tyres into India. And now i am stuck with the choice of letting my Pirelli Scorpion Rally tyres turn bald, or take them out and mix a Scorpion Trail up front with a Tourance Next at the rear. I plan to use this setup primarily on the tarmac with maybe 10% gravel roads. Will this set up work ?

Dublin Rider:
Whilst its not ideal. It will work. Having matching front and back good condition tyres would be better but if that's your alternative a mixed set of decent tyres is better than anything bald.

I'd ride on that combo. You'll be absolutely fine.

My new 1400 km Tiger 900 got a puncture last Sunday.
Changed the rear OEM Metzler Tourance Next for a Pirelli Scorpion Trail II.
Kept the Tourance Next on the front wheel.

Rode the combo for 300km: There is some minor difference, but havenít had the chance to ride it hard or in wet conditions.

But iím confident that mixing these tires isnít a major issue.

Have had both the Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2 tires and the Torrance Next that came on my T900.  Have run the Pirelliís on a few different bikes and liked them a lot, as long as I stayed out of the mud.  The original Trails were not great but the Trail 2ís are a pretty nice all around tire, if there is such a thing.  IMHO the Pirelli is a much better tire than the MetzlerÖBut what do I know???  :125:


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