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Cannot get bike into Neutral with engine running


I have a 2014 Tiger 800xc with 107000 kms on it.Runs well.Apparently had a new clutch pack approx 3000kms ago.However it is impossible to get the gearbox into neutral with the engine running.Kill the engine and voila your can find neutral dead easy either from 1st or 2nd gear.I have ensured the oil is the correct viscosity and had the Triumph dealer check clutch adjustment just in case but nil help.They started talking about clutch change but am loath to go that way when its only got around 3000kms on it.Any one have any ideas please????Tried rolling forward slightly at stop but nil help.
Am in Northern Thailand.
Thks in advance.Cheers :440:

Hi It sounds like warped clutch plate. The only way to check is to strip the clutch and test each plate on a flat surface.

Is it a Triumph oem clutch or after market?

If oem, could be badly assembled, wazzed up with airgun.

I found out it was a aftermarket clutch pack from Barnett/USA.

Originally Posted by trawler I found out it was a aftermarket clutch pack from Barnett/USA.

I wonder if this is a Barnett clutch problem. I had exactly the same conditions as you describe on a totally different bike with the Barnett plates and springs. It's a 1983 Honda 1100F. I replaced the Barnett assembly with the Honda parts and it works as it should now. I didn't know it at the time but many on the "F" forum frown on that brand.



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