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Quick mock up for a sat nav mount

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Quick mock up for a sat nav mount from an old bit of 15mm copper pipe. 

If it works I'll get a new bit, take my time getting the bends nice and neat and then heat shrink some black sleeve onto it, or maybe even up it to 22mm pipe with heat shrink on it.

Using the mounts that mount the screen adjuster on.

Probably going to be too much vibration, even if rotated up against the screen, so will try this before making a good one.

So, be gentle, but tell me why its not going to work haha.. it's just too simple in my mind to work.

It's going to depend on how much freedom of movement there is where the bolts hold it in place. If it is moving around somewhat, you might get better results using flanged bolts instead of the rather curvy-headed bolts, possibly with penny washers under them or soldered/epoxied to the bracket to give you flat surfaces with a reasonably large area.

Yes, I'll use penny washers if the bolts are long enough, or use them with some longer bolts.

Cool design. I'd try rubber or some other material washers/gourmets to reduce vibes. In order to get nice bends get a spring tube bender, lots of them on Amazon.


I've got a proper pipe bender so the proper one will be much neater


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