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Re: Hepco and Becker upper tank protection bars issue. Tiger 900
« Reply #40 on: May 22, 2021, 06:09:06 PM »
I'm not usually a fan of the scorched earth thing either.    ...but in this case, the BS got to be too much.   If you take the time to read thru all the posts from the beginning (not just on here), you'll see that I had been jerked around from the get go.

As for them being accommodating.... Ed knew full well I was not looking to return the bars as they later offered.   

...and if they "don't reimburse customer for incorrect installation" (which was on Hepco and Motomachines), why didn't he just say that on our phone call when he asked what I was looking for from Hepco? 

...but the flat out falsehood he's pushed after our call and after  I publicly tried to be gracious to Motomachines, that was the final straw.

A genuine "good luck" selling your Hepco crash bars.  I know of one other guy who's pulled his over this...and can't get rid of them.

Outbacks seem to be the hot ticket.

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