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GoPro mount ideas


Anyone tried the lights cover to mount a Gopro?

Elmer J Fudd:
Yes, its a good location, but can be a little boring as you don't see the instruments. Being lower down I also found that it looked like you were going faster than you were.

Try two mounts one on the handlebars or helmet and on the light to mix it up a bit.

Yes, helmet mount seems the best.

Thought the handlebars/mirror stems would have too much shake.

Elmer J Fudd:
Bar vibration showing up will depend on your cameras image stabilisation, I had a "vanilla" Hero on my XRT and it worked perfectly wherever I put it, but when I tried it on the R1250rs the shake was terrible.

I tried a pals Hero 8 and it was perfect with stabilisation on. I now have a Hero 8 too.


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