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Madstad Screen for Tiger 900
« on: March 15, 2021, 03:07:55 PM »
Had Madstad screens on my Tiger 800s so looking forward to same for Tiger 900.

Contacted Madstad and got the following reply:-

We would love to build a windshield system for the Tiger 900 but we haven't had a
chance to get our hands on one.
If you happen to live in Central Florida, please let me know.
We have worked with customers in the past - they lend us their bike, we design and
build a system for it, they keep the system (no charge) and we only ask for their
feedback on the system and how it works.

...I would be riding over to them now but I am in the UK! anyone reading this in Florida who would like a free screen from Madstad please get in touch with them so the rest of us can ultimately fork out yet more hard earned cash albeit for IMHO the best screen for Tigers on the market.

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