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Barkbuster Storm handguard fitting.


Hi guys. Been a very long time since I last posted.
I have a very old set of Barkbuster Storm handguards that I had on my last bike. I recently found them in my shed and have now fitted them. I can see a lot of you have these and have a different fitting to me.
Mine ONLY attach to the bar end screw. I've fitted them and tightened them (overtightened as at the correct torque they're still loose) so they hold solid.
My question is this.
Once I removed the original handguards, the clutch side was fine, but the throttle side screw that goes through the lever seems to have a collet built into it which stops it fitting flush. Does this sound right? I'm guessing it's to stop the brake lever from being overtightened rendering it useless.


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