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Hot engine, trouble starting


Peterson Pires:
Hello guys.  My bike is experiencing the following problem.  With the engine cold, the bike will start normally.  But with the engine hot, the bike has a hard time getting on.  I need to wait for the engine to cool down for a while and it will start up normally.  Has  anyone seen this to give a help? Thanks in advance.

Tiger 800xcx, 2015, 39k km.

There's a known issue with older models where the key chip that recognises if it's a genuine key or not can get too hot and won't read the key properly.

There is a large amount of discussion on the topic of starter motor problems with hot engines on this forum.
(Nothing to do with the key)
Pre 2015 model starter motor brush wear and accumulated carbon are the usual culprits. Use the Search function on this forum and you will be enlightened.

Peterson Pires:
Thank you so much guys. I will search the forum for similar problems.


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