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Cardo Packtalk Bold question

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These are a popular unit so I’m hoping at least a few of you have them!

Have any owners encountered the FM Radio ‘self activating’ with no input whatsoever from the rider?

I can’t find any examples of anyone else having it happen to them, but it happens to both my friend and I (we bought a twin pack) on almost every ride we do. It also happens when we’re alone. Devices have been reset and on the latest firmware.

Had them since Nov - I’m getting ready to send them in for service/replacement but wanted to hear from the community first.

I have, mine is the packtalk bold black, 3 of my friends also have pactalk.

It was so annoying i got in touch with cardo, who were unhelpful and said to just turn down the microphone sensitivity which did nothing for us.

Get in touch with them also and report it, the more of us that do, the more liekly they are to fix it, or ideally, give us the option to disable it.


This is very helpful, thank you!

I’ll reach out to Cardo directly.

I bought a twin pack for my son and I nearly 12 months ago. Only issue has been the boom microphone sometimes not picking up my voice commands.
Otherwise, grand.

Adey Bee:
Our Tiger gang Bought 8 of these last year just before our 2 week Annual European tour (anti clockwise coastal hug from Wales to great Yarmouth) bleedin covid! not one of the lads as mentioned this problem, I can honestly say this is one of the best purchases ive ever made in my the many years biking.


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