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Old dude starting riding at 14, rode for 30 years, then quit for kids.  20 years later, rejoined the ranks with a Kawasaki Versys 650 in the fall of 2017.  Wasn't sure I was going to use the bike much if at all.  Start of season 2018 broke my ankle out for the summer.  Start of season 2019 house plumbing failed and our house flooded.  Temporary housing had no parking for motorcycle.  Sigh.  2020?  Yeah.  anyway, 2021 is a new year.  The Versys is a good suburbs bike but I want to do more riding and it is not a highway/motorway bike at all. 

So, I am 58, 6'3 35" inseam and arthritic.  Plus I am still not all that confident so I don't want anything over 500 pounds nor over 125 mph  :010: I am old and just not that interested in high performance - and I am less interested in off-road crashing, er riding! :007:

Plus I do want to do some longer trips.  I also like gadgets.  Cruise, heated seats and grips, LED, etc. I have owned single, parallel twins, in-line and V fours, and wanted something different.  Snob.

So I narrowed my list to Tracer 900 GT, Tiger 800 XRt, and BMW R1200R.

Then I found  OK, that eliminated the R1200R but put the R1200GS (not adventure) into play.  A little heavy, but seems to have the best ergos.  The Tracer?  Yeah, looks a little too much on the knees.  The Tiger looks good, but it is tough to tell with the adjustable seat.

So I am going to look at an 2018 XRt Tuesday morning.  It has no mods to riding position.  I am going to try it with the seat in the higher position.  I am just trying to learn the experience tall people riding this generation have. Certainly seems from what I have read it can be a high quality partner - if I fit on it!
There is a "local" Triumph dealer in a trendy upmarket part of town (that absolutely sucks to ride in) so I am not worried about that part of the ownership experience.



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Hi and welcome to the forum.
First of all, you are not old, yet.
Secondly, I can't help you with the ergos as I'm a short arse at 5'9".
Re your local dealer. It shouldn't matter if it's a pain to ride to as you shouldn't need to visit them that often. In my experience anyway.
Enjoy the test ride and good luck.


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I am an old dude but find my 2017 XCA an absolute delight to ride with my height of 5' 10" and the seat at its lowest setting. I normally have to turn the bike around before I drive off but manhandling its weight is not a big issue for me and, once on the road, is not that noticeable. The only issue for me when I bought the bike a year ago was whether the super smooth triple would be ideal for my type of motorcycling compared with a twin (the other bike I ride is a large single). The Triumph can be a bit buzzy in the lower gears but once you get it up to speed in a high gear, I find its handling and the sound it makes to be very satisfying.
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Hi and :401:

If you can live with wire spokes and tyre inner tubes then if you find the XRt a bit short in the height department try to find an XCa ... has the same other specs, cruise control, heated seats, grips, etc. but a bit higher with its 21" front wheel.
Also owned my 1979 Bonnie T140E from new!

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I had the opposite concern when I bought my XCA over the seat height but, for someone of average height, the lower setting was ok. In round terms, the XCA seat heights are about 1.5 inches higher than the XRT with both providing 20 mm of height adjustment. I bought my XCA after trying a BMW F800GS which was way too tall for me to cope with!
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 :401: to the forum from the uk  :031:
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