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Hi all. Hereís one for you. Rode to work and used the horn/hooter and it sounded a bit week to start with so on a quiet road I gave it a good blast to clear itís throat. All ok
Next day I had reason to use it to alert a car driver that I was more important that the text she was send on her mobile and I got no noise. At work I tapped the horn and got it working. On the way home I tried it and nothing.
With a multimeter and pressing the switch I get a reading of 11.xx. With the horn attached I hear a low warble buzzing drrrr zzzz type noise. Forgive my noise example.
I have tried a horn from another two bikes and no noise!!!
The only difference I have done to bike since probably the last use was to fit to the battery connections for Heated waist coat

Help please oh knowledgeable people


I would start by making sure the horn works ok by connecting it directly across the battery. If I understand the wiring diagram correctly, one side of the horn should be connected to 12V with the ignition on. The horn sounds when the other side of the horn is connected to ground via the horn button when it is pressed. I would therefore check that one side of the horn is connected to 12V (purple/black wire?). If so, connecting the other side directly to ground should sound the horn, in which case, the switch or its wiring might be at fault.

If its the original, I'd probably change it anyway. There are some bolt-in replacements with a much better sound.

I agree, try to prove the horn condition direct on a battery. If the horn proves good it could be something else as simple as a dose of electrical cleaner/lube into the horn switch?

I agree with Londonglide - the horn on the 800 isn't  that good.


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