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Schuberth C3 fix


Have used Schuberth C3 and Pro helmets for many years now and like them a lot. Comfortable, low noise and no turbulence (Puig screen on my XCA 800 -17). However, I have been annoyed by two details I believe are incorrectly constructed. The first fault is that if you have the visor open, it will slam down when you increase the speed. The second fault there is no way to have the visor open about 1 cm for ventilation. I made two DIY to fix these two faults about a year ago. It took me 10 minutes and has worked perfectly.

The visor will slam down at higher speed due to lacking friction between the helmet and the visor lock on the helmet side. I mounted two rubber pieces (1 mm thick and in the form of half a washer) with double-sided adhesive tape behind each lock and the friction is enough to hold the visor in place. First I made the rubber pieces in the form of a large full washer but it gave too much friction.

The fix to the visor getting a ventilation opening of approx. 1 cm was to mount a bent cable tie (4.8 mm wide) on top of the existing locking tongue. I bent the cable tie 90 degree with a heat gun and wrapped the front part with tape to get the right height. Then put the back of the cable tie down behind the plastic ventilation part. Then put a tiny cable tie around the front of the bent cable tie and the existing locking tongue. Cut the front cable tie where it touches the lock knob in the lower part of the visor. The visor now stop against the cable tie and then locks fully when you press the visor once more.

You must be unlucky mate.

I've had 2 C3's and currently using a C3 pro. Never had your problems with any of mine.

Great fix, btw.

have the same problem on my E1 (just a C3 with a plastic peak)

have had it back to the agent - couldn't find any fault - so, gonna apply your fix tks

I have the same problem. Was told by a Schubert that the flip down was a safety feature. They told me to Google about a o-ring fix.

The problem with the O-ring solution is that you may get a small gap between the visor and the side sealing. Pressure (friktion via rubber) just behind the side lock prevent this.


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